Do you have different zipline tours?

No, Superfly Ziplines offers one world class experience.


How many ziplines are there?

Your tour will consist of 4 ziplines. All 4 are dual-cord, meaning you will fly side by side with a friend or loved one on every zipline.


Can I do just one zipline?

No, the Superfly Ziplines tour starts at the top of Rainbow Mountain and crosses a valley to Cougar Mountain. The tour continues to cross back and forth from mountain to mountain in such a way that you must do all 4 ziplines to complete the course.


Can you zipline tandem?

No, you will be flying right beside your friend or loved one. Both of you will have your own zipline.


How strict is the weight policy and what if I am one pound over or under?

We have strict safety policies that have no flexibility.


How much walking should I expect?

Very little. Our ziplines are purpose built very close together. The longest walk in-between ziplines will take less than 3 minutes. There are three small staircases throughout the course which you will need to walk up/down. 


Is there a way for me to watch my friends or family without joining?

No. The start point of the zipline tour is on a mountain-top and not accessible to spectators.


What is it like for people that are afraid of heights?

Our guides will work with you to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. Guests that are joining us to conquer a fear of heights quite often leave having the most impactful experience. Check out our reviews on Trip Advisor to see how Superfly Ziplines has helped so many people overcome their fear of heights.


Once I’m at the top of the mountain, am I forced to zipline to get down?

All of our activities are challenge by choice. If at anytime you decide that ziplining is not for you, we will dispatch a 4×4 off road vehicle to your location and bring you back to our basecamp.